Substantially [adverb]

Definition of Substantially:

to a large extent

Synonyms of Substantially:

Opposite/Antonyms of Substantially:

Sentence/Example of Substantially:

The bill, substantially unaltered, received the Royal assent July 26, 1869.

Furthermore, the earlier changes of each are substantially the same.

The accounts in the various papers were substantially the same.

The projecting machine was substantially like the "taking" camera and was so used.

It is all substantially true that Mercy Lascelles has told you.

Otherwise the room is substantially like that across the hall.

The houses are substantially built after the fashion of the mother country.

The bill reported by the committee was substantially his work.

The theory that profit is the wages of risk is answerable in substantially the same way.

"'Pretty-pretty,' substantially," translated the Tyro, recovering himself.