Substantive [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Substantive:

It is not the adjective, but the substantive, which is of real importance.

I trusted that some day it would prove to be a substantive religion.

The use of this adjective as a substantive is said to be an Americanism.

Have we not the substantive trash in the sense of shreddings, at p. 542.

It is one of the substantive colours and does not need any mordant.

It has a Latin name and is a contingent, not a substantive part of the man's acts.

We are not now dealing with the question of the real or substantive existence of evil.

As a verb, signifies to steady;—as a substantive, a comprehensive mind.

Byron is the authority for the use of "knoll" as a substantive.

You cannot guess the adjective from the substantive, nor the end of the phrase from its beginning.