Subsumed [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Subsumed:

Movement, under it, action and suffering may be subsumed, vi.

Everything else is subsumed in the positive science of Nature and history.

It is subsumed in both, and is the fundamental postulate on which they respectively depend.

The actual judgement, which enounces the assertion of the rule in the subsumed case, is the conclusion (conclusio).

This entire social complex has been subsumed under the principle that law is immanent in all history.

They had never before been thus co-ordinated, and had never before been subsumed under this particular title.

Under this major premiss is then subsumed Caius, the object dealt with: Caius is a man.

One-sided passivity as well as one-sided activity is subsumed under Individuality, which makes itself into its own end and aim.

All special cases are subsumed under the one general judgment.

In a similar manner, the laws of magnetic phenomena have more recently been subsumed under known laws of electricity.