Subtleties [noun]

Definition of Subtleties:

a fine distinction

Synonyms of Subtleties:

Opposite/Antonyms of Subtleties:


Sentence/Example of Subtleties:

When she wasn't there I tried to reason myself out of these subtleties.

The staff-captain did not understand these subtleties, shook his head, and smiled slyly.

But these and other subtleties of language escaped the observation of Plato.

What but subtleties of the Scotists: quiddities, formalities, etc.!

The subtleties of passion are now realised for the first time.

The subtleties of the law were, however, brought into requisition.

She had no divided interests, no subtleties, no subterfuges.

Senator Toombs took no part in the subtleties of the Douglas-Davis debate.

And all the subtleties of mind came again like a cloud of wasps.

Because I'm intelligent enough to comprehend the subtleties of this—bill?