Subtracted [verb]

Definition of Subtracted:

take away

Synonyms of Subtracted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Subtracted:

Sentence/Example of Subtracted:

The consciousness of that subtracted the brightness from the day, the pleasure from the visit.

The sum of $11,000 has been subtracted in twenty-four hours from the same paper.

Something about it subtracted from her faith in him, and in life.

Here there is room for syllable or syllables to be subtracted.

Nothing might be added to or subtracted from that message—it was complete.

He, too, sees nothing but zero when expenditures are subtracted from income.

That is to say, he may restore any amounts that have been subtracted.

From the number of the latter, indeed, Sir Francis Bendibow must be subtracted.

Pleasure and pain, as it has been urged, are not quantities that can be added and subtracted.

Hence, the influences of such a knowledge as this must be subtracted.