Suburbanites [noun]

Definition of Suburbanites:

person who is resident of habitation

Synonyms of Suburbanites:

Opposite/Antonyms of Suburbanites:

Sentence/Example of Suburbanites:

I am a suburbanite, and as I said before, a lady, a laboring lady.

The "literary worker" and the "suburbanite" particularly will enjoy the book.

Under the night sky the suburbanite stands in the moonlight.

It was then that the chiens de faience, which the smug Paris suburbanite of to-day so loves, were born.

He was no suburbanite, but rural to the backbone, professing a most proper contempt for dwellers in towns.

To the suburbanite who comes home after each day's work, the dinner is likely to seem as important as his spouse.

The railway, the trolley, the automobile and the top buggy have transformed him into a suburbanite.

There is much of man's life in the figure of the suburbanite standing absorbed in his own thoughts in the midst of his radishes.

The “literary worker” and the “suburbanite” particularly will enjoy the book.