Suburbia [noun]

Definition of Suburbia:

edge of a geographic area

Synonyms of Suburbia:

Opposite/Antonyms of Suburbia:

Sentence/Example of Suburbia:

A Radical out and out, she learnt to speak with horror of Suburbia.

He bore the stamp of suburbia all over him, and his accent was peculiarly that of London.

As for the Spaniards and the Scandinavians, they would pass for geniuses only in Suburbia.

A model of the Suburbia 38, a riding mower powered by a 5-hp gasoline engine with three speeds between ½ mph and 4½ mph.

Such are the atrocities upon which Suburbia has to base its ideas of one of the most imposing of trees.

Suburbia often makes the excuse that their pocket-handkerchief of a garden is much too small to be made beautiful.

He spoke with a cultured English accent more than a Cockney or a suburbia accent.

In her most rebellious moods the leaven of Philistia (or the British equivalent, Suburbia) comes to the surface.

The Emperor and Empress, though immensely wealthy, practise the economy of London suburbia.

There is much good-natured satire and lively reading at the expense of Suburbia.