Suburbs [noun]

Definition of Suburbs:

neighborhood outside of but reliant on nearby large city

Synonyms of Suburbs:

Opposite/Antonyms of Suburbs:

Sentence/Example of Suburbs:

She and her aunt had lived for five years in this suburb of St. Ellis.

This suburb of Berea is one of the prettiest spots in South Africa.

There may be some time, when that part of the country becomes a suburb of Cordova!

He has a perfectly self-conscious joy that he is not in a square or a suburb.

Not long thereafter the building in the suburb of Cooperstown was burned.

It was said, a few years ago, that a Plantagenet was a butcher in a suburb of London.

It was outside of the walls, in the suburb nearest the Appian Way.

I was the only son of a widow, and we led a secluded life in a London suburb.

Behind, the black outlines of the suburb which they had just quitted.

In 1917 she became a commuter from her home in Sewickley, a Pittsburgh suburb.