Subverted [verb]

Definition of Subverted:

rebel, destroy

Synonyms of Subverted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Subverted:

Sentence/Example of Subverted:

But did we not say that kingdoms or governments can only be subverted by themselves?

And they all swore to assist any one of their number whose kingdom was subverted.

Eleven more years were to roll before the Church was subverted.

Under such conditions as mentioned, faith and love are subverted.

Every holy principle of her nature was subverted by this degrading assumption.

Now, as she had foreseen, the marriage of Rhys had subverted all that.

Already the pretended further decision is subverted in Kansas.

The offices of the auricles and the ventricles are subverted.

The Roman imperial thrones of civil despotism were subverted.

Juries in municipal courts were subverted by gangs of townsmen.