Subverting [verb]

Definition of Subverting:

rebel, destroy

Synonyms of Subverting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Subverting:

Sentence/Example of Subverting:

The majority of the British immigrants had no desire to subvert the State.

Such men might try to subvert us, and, just possibly, might succeed.

Kings had made efforts to destroy its power and subvert its influence.

"And you can not subvert facts, you know, father," added Agnes.

What are the differences between overthrow, suppress, and subvert?

Why, that the declaration of the Duke of Richmond, that the crowned heads of Europe intended to subvert our government, was true.

Is it reasonable that he should seek to subvert the throne of a princess to whom he is affianced?

Those that are heretics and subvert the essentials of christianity or godliness.

It was being admitted he was honest, that influence did not subvert justice.

The republic has survived the attempt to subvert one of them.