Succeeded [verb]

Definition of Succeeded:

attain good outcome

Opposite/Antonyms of Succeeded:

Sentence/Example of Succeeded:

Everybody said that he had only succeeded in showing that his resignation was unnecessary.

To Cimabue succeeded his pupil, the famous Giotto, who died in 1337.

It was not, however, before the lapse of several months that he succeeded.

But if this succeeded with Hester and Mark, how with Cornelius?

Even had Shakespeare tried to hide himself in his work, he could not have succeeded.

We have succeeded, and I want to enjoy our success and forget its processes.

I know that he has tried to stay away from me, and why he has not succeeded.

This is an oblique way of saying that Marduk succeeded where Ea failed.

Together they succeeded in getting him into the buggy; then, gently, Mike drove to the house.

Like the day, the nights succeeded nights, yet nothing, nothing manifested itself.