Succeeding [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Succeeding:

There was something, however, to be disclosed on the succeeding day.

Let them ponder on the probability of succeeding with the people.

Little by little during the succeeding two days he pieced out the situation.

The sun found the Lenape, on the succeeding day, a nation of mourners.

He knew then that the Southern advance was succeeding, succeeding so far at least.

You think there is no chance for the creature's succeeding with the daily?

And, remember, if you do undertake it, there is but one chance in a million of your succeeding.

The succeeding lurch which the ship gave to the other side was the most tremendous of the day.

A cry on dock awoke all in the cabins early on the succeeding morning.

Not succeeding, he deprived him of his rank and all his possessions.