Succeeds [verb]

Definition of Succeeds:

attain good outcome

Opposite/Antonyms of Succeeds:

Sentence/Example of Succeeds:

Piqui Chaqui wants to get news, but to tell nothing, and in this he succeeds.

After the death of his father, he succeeds to the throne of the Scyldings, 53.

What matters it to the who succeeds me,—the one or the other?

Trial of speed is made, and he succeeds in two hundred yards.

Surely, M. le Baron, he will have justified it if he succeeds.

He repeats the process again and again, and finally he succeeds.

There's no originality in the thought, but it succeeds as well as if there were!

I shall be delighted with this arrangement, provided it succeeds.

If he succeeds, he will, of course, exemplify the wisdom of having two strings to his bow.

He tries, therefore, to look as if he agreed with her, and succeeds very fairly.