Successes [noun]

Definition of Successes:

favorable outcome

Opposite/Antonyms of Successes:

Sentence/Example of Successes:

As already seen, we ask for difficulties to conquer, successes to achieve.

Her successes have varied inversely as the length of her trunk-hose.

Of all his successes, this royal recognition was surely the one which pleased him most.

With the first successes of the court the work of punishment began.

I now thought I might boast of my successes to Turkey, but he was not pleased.

That one shall be heir to all the successes of each of us and shall disclaim all the failures of each.

But the successes of the Romans brought them other things which were good.

Their failures are no less conspicuous than their successes.

But, duped by his successes, he had allowed pride to persuade him that he was really a writer.

Indeed, at the time of its first successes, it was the saving grace of England.