Succinctness [noun]

Definition of Succinctness:

shortness, briefness

Synonyms of Succinctness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Succinctness:

Sentence/Example of Succinctness:

Renan describes it with peculiar clearness and succinctness.

Because of its succinctness, this sentence needs a little explanation.

This elementary means of portrayal has the obvious advantage of succinctness.

The beauty and charm of form lie greatly in its bringing ideas closer together, and succinctness implies fulness of thought.

General Grosvenor commences with an exordium eloquent in succinctness and noble in generosity.

For he still wore the dress of a jockey of the green faction, and its succinctness revealed his thin legs and protuberant person.

Where Congreve excels all his English rivals is in his literary force, and a succinctness of style peculiar to him.

I admire your succinctness, Master Skimmer, and confess you for the pink of etiquette.

I know nothing so simple, so natural; and the proof of the simplicity shall lie in the succinctness of my demonstration.