Succubi [noun]

Definition of Succubi:

evil spirit

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Sentence/Example of Succubi:

I swear to you that the succubus came, irritant and palpable and most tenacious.

You were frighted by a vision, by a nightmare, by a succubus of the night.

The devil in this case acts the part of an incubus, but his performances as a succubus are more inconceivable.

There are no gorgons, hydras, chimras; no familiars; no incubus or succubus.

At my side kept always the said Succubus, and her sweet, delectable embrace distilled new ardour into my members.

If I did not fear to be indiscreet, I would ask you what kind of thing this succubus was, whose attack you repulsed.

Divines, by the terms "incubus" and "succubus," designate the different parts thus performed by angels.

Succubus, suk′ū-bus, n. a demon in female form who consorts with men in their sleep—also Succ′uba.

It may be added that the belief in the succubus and incubus appears to be widespread.