Such [pronoun]

Definition of Such:

aforementioned, specific

Synonyms of Such:

Opposite/Antonyms of Such:


Sentence/Example of Such:

Now you and sis never get up with any such light poetic notion as that.

But if she had any such thing I'm sure it was ended, and she'd have jumped at this chance a year ago.

My very blood boiled in my veins, that such an one as he could give me pain.

"Such an edict was passed because Athens is not a republic," replied Philæmon.

I can't conceive how such damage could have happened to the boat.

The other canon shook his head in dismay at such arrant folly.

He is aged for such a journey, if you came from the Forest since morn.

He knew no such person in the household, and did not think there ever had been such.

And she confides her grief to the world with such charming discretion.

I have no evidence, except your word, that any such letter has been received.