Suchlike [pronoun]

Definition of Suchlike:

aforementioned, specific

Synonyms of Suchlike:

Opposite/Antonyms of Suchlike:


Sentence/Example of Suchlike:

And then there were the satyrs and centaurs, and suchlike beings.

Nor are electoral methods, Reform Bills and suchlike, unimportant.

What a horror he seems to have of wine and negus and suchlike things, mamma.

But now he showed me a death's-head, saying: 'Suchlike you will be soon.'

Perhaps I'll be a governess, or a Board-school teacher, or suchlike.

And here I am, back again where I was born, with grammar-schools and suchlike all behind me.

I stuffed myself with bread so as not to dream of turbot, asparagus, and suchlike.

With these and suchlike details Horace carries us pleasantly on with his party to Brundusium.

Land is too valuable in France to waste it on lawns and suchlike.

Consciousness, and ganglia, and suchlike, are after all but theories.