Sucking [adjective]

Definition of Sucking:

removing liquid

Synonyms of Sucking:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sucking:


Sentence/Example of Sucking:

The bear has been said to live at need by sucking his own paws.

There was a great gurgling and sucking in the darkness, followed by a gasp from the drinker.

Her hissing and sucking might have been a living gasp for breath.

Lantier, who felt gay, was sucking his barley-sugar, and smacking his lips.

He was now standing up against the fireplace, sucking a lemon.

Sucking a bit of dried orange peel about an hour before dinner, when the stomach is empty, is very grateful and strengthening.

The horrible doubts which he had driven away were sucking at his heart like a vampire.

Baby had found peace in sucking an orange and stamping on her father's waist.

A series of suction cups or sucking pads were at the end of each tentacle.

Popery is the vampire that is sucking the life-blood of the country.