Suckled [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Suckled:

Before daybreak, the doe always returned to suckle her little one.

Again and again he reverts to the mother's duty to suckle the child herself.

The calf should be allowed to suckle or be fed from the pail for six or eight months.

Because the mother will not be likely to recover so long as she continues to suckle at all.

Willingly the gentle animal allowed the little child to suckle it.

It may be asked: what if the mother is ill and unable to suckle her child?

We will go back to Nature,—though she, too, can suckle "killers."

When the Leopardess returned, she asked for her children, that she might suckle them.

In my opinion mothers ought to nurse and suckle their own children.

But with no one to suckle them, the babies would have starved to death.