Sucks [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Sucks:

The tobacco smoke eddies and sucks upward to join the wood smoke.

He sucks in everything that is weird or adventurous or wild.

"It sucks in its food through the tiniest holes in its leaves," he answered.

Do you mean to tell me, Mr. Vivian, that she sucks it still?

The printed book, the gnawing worm of the edifice, sucks and devours it.

For us it's as simple as killing a rat that eats our corn, or a flea that sucks our blood.

This worm thrives in the living body and sucks its vitality.

So he sucks the blood of kings and captains to help him fight his own battles.

Behold, like the sand that sucks the desert spring, he thirsteth yet for more!

Quiller, a parasite, a person who sucks neatly through a quill.