Suction [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Suction:

A series of suction cups or sucking pads were at the end of each tentacle.

Even the slain deer was already beginning to yield to the suction from beneath.

What must have been holding the suction cap against the inside of the jar?

The water may be drawn out by means of suction through a reed.

I could see a respirator off to my right, and a suction octopus near it.

Do you know the suction of clay—the weight of adhering clay to a shovel?

A mullet of Guiana, found in turbid waters, where it lives by suction.

Then it occurred to Cheenbuk to apply the power of suction instead of inhalation.

Soames noted a hollow in each cheek, made as it were by suction.

I perceive it was suction, a primitive idea, when spoons were not.