Suds [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Suds:

Not until she was elbow deep in suds did she recall her dreams about the octopus.

Azuba wiped the suds from her wet hand and arm upon her apron.

He splashed and built up a mountain of suds, then wallowed in them.

Then wash them, in the second suds, turning them wrong side out.

Lastly, wash the flannels, in suds as hot as the hand can bear.

Do not put blueing into suds, as it makes specks in the flannel.

Wet white clothes in suds, and lay them on the grass, in the sun.

Wash them in suds, and rinse them till the water comes off clear.

Dorey, go and stir down the clo'es in the boilin' suds, and be quick about it, too!

Dorey, stop jouncin' them hot clo'es up an' down in the suds!