Sufficiency [noun]

Definition of Sufficiency:


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Sentence/Example of Sufficiency:

With national ownership a sufficiency of cars would be provided.

With them he fences heroically and causes a sufficiency of clatter and noise.

Beyond a sufficiency for his daily needs money has not much value.

Indeed, there had been a sufficiency of law and lawyers in my affairs already.

These concern the sufficiency of the consideration and the moment when the contract is made.

Our sufficiency is of God, not of ourselves, and to Him we ascribe all honor and glory.

For the greater part of his life he never knew what it was to have a sufficiency of means.

As God, He has a sufficiency of it for every moment of the life of every believer.

Save a "sufficiency of fish" from the first runs, he wisely ordered.

One knows not entirely:—but with soap and a sufficiency of water, he can wash.