Sufficiently [adverb]

Definition of Sufficiently:

to one's satisfaction

Synonyms of Sufficiently:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sufficiently:

Sentence/Example of Sufficiently:

Your achievements may not have sufficiently swelled the historic page.

Are they not sufficiently well paid to have the ordinary comforts of life?

When the grain is sufficiently grown it is elevated to the kilns.

"I have not sufficiently thanked you even yet for this afternoon," she said.

Here an incident occurred that is sufficiently singular to be mentioned.

Now that you are upon your guard, your own prudence will defend you sufficiently.

The whole retinue was, no doubt, sufficiently weary with the journey.

If small, they will be sufficiently cooked in twenty minutes.

They will require seven or eight hours to be sufficiently done.

By the time the cider boils, the eggs will be sufficiently light.