Suffocated [verb]

Definition of Suffocated:


Synonyms of Suffocated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Suffocated:


Let go


Sentence/Example of Suffocated:

I was suffocated with it, and I choked and laughed till the tears came.

Be quick, and open here, for we shall be suffocated in the smoke, going out.'

In many instances their occupants had been buried in the dbris and suffocated.

The peasant had told him that she had suffocated herself with flowers.

He reminds you of the tame sparrow you once suffocated by overfeeding.

Blinded and suffocated by the smoke, Peter plunged forward and reached the cabin.

She was suffocated by the pure desire to give the earth to him and herself with it.

Massy walked hastily from side to side, puffed out his cheeks, suffocated.

It suffocated them, and with eyes shut they tightened their grasp.

The dogs were suffocated on the thresholds they had guarded all their lives.