Suffocating [verb]

Definition of Suffocating:


Synonyms of Suffocating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Suffocating:


Let go


Sentence/Example of Suffocating:

She was suffocating, and the red flush on her cheek-bones turned blue.

Suffocating with fatigue and grief, he must have come thither for fresh air.

Some emotion, almost too great to be borne, was suffocating him.

The dust, the smoke, and the stench of the powder were suffocating.

There was a suffocating, feverish odor and a chorus of coughing.

Were they going to die here of that mysterious, suffocating faintness?

When he reached the markets night was falling, and there was a suffocating smell.

Roma felt herself to be suffocating with indignation and shame.

Was it a man falling there in the thick of that suffocating smoke?

Her senses whirled in a bewilderment that had a suffocating sweetness about it.