Suffuse [verb]

Definition of Suffuse:

spread out

Synonyms of Suffuse:

Opposite/Antonyms of Suffuse:

Sentence/Example of Suffuse:

The knowledge and performance of evil should suffuse one's daily life.

What more could be needed to suffuse the world with the deepest meaning and beauty?

They are not separately heard by the ear; they blend with the fundamental note and suffuse it, and alter it.

His veins were beating as though they would burst the vessels in his temples, and suffuse his face with blood.

It seemed that she, too, at that moment felt some of the glow that the fall of the Alamo was to suffuse through Texas.

From without the imagination can appreciate that glow of pale gold which must there suffuse all things.

The color returned to her cheeks, the delicious languor began to suffuse her eyes again.

You can suffuse the whole theme with a human spirit, for everything has a human significance if only you will find it.

Their attachment had been but physical; their affection only make-believe—to colour fact, and suffuse reality with romance.

Nothing can surpass the delicate tints of rose-color, silver gray, gold and purple which suffuse these summits in early morning.