Suffusion [noun]

Definition of Suffusion:

expansion, development; extent

Synonyms of Suffusion:

Opposite/Antonyms of Suffusion:

Sentence/Example of Suffusion:

His quick look at her she remembered, and the suffusion on his burnt face.

Melanism: an abnormal or unusual darkening: a suffusion with blackish.

Suffusion: a clouding, or a spreading of one shade over another.

Thus only can we achieve the suffusion of vision of the happy inebriate.

Possibly from the suffusion of blood to the face caused by it.

And the glory of these was deepened by the suffusion of their sparkle with a tender mist of tears.

But now, when she opened her eyes, the suffusion still lingered.

This time the suffusion on her cheeks was not in the least doubtful.

The suffusion of the brain will increase quickly, so we must trephine at once or it may be too late.

However, all this swelling and suffusion of blood is a good sign.