Sugary [adjective]

Definition of Sugary:

containing sugar

Synonyms of Sugary:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sugary:


Sentence/Example of Sugary:

The Captain broke in upon the sugary flow as soon as he could.

No ‘threats of hell or hopes of any sugary paradise’ 97 influence me.

"If Jo was not always so sugary sweet," was the general complaint.

He could not be misled by the sugary phrases in which the vote of censure had been couched.

She is really not sugary enough for a preserve; I should say rather well canned.

The flesh of these is white, tender, sugary, and well flavored.

Flesh white, zoned or marked with yellow, close-grained and sugary.

He means more than the simple pleasure of smooth and sugary things.

A barrel in a corner was heaped high with huge, sweet, sugary yams.

Then she reached for a crumbly, sugary slice of coffee cake.