Suggestible [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Suggestible:

He is suggestible, and here are the suggestions; he is made to inherit and he inherits.

I have myself indicated how suggestible the personification is.

While everybody is suggestible, nervous people are abnormally so.

The Polynesian sorcerers confessed their practices harmless to Europeans;who were not suggestible on that plane of ideas.

Not knowing facts to the contrary, the suggestible mind accepts the proposition.

The suggestible witness believes himself to have seen and heard what the lawyer suggests.

To be sure, the question whether the person is suggestible by nature or not cannot be settled simply by his own impression.

Many of the most suggestible persons believe firmly that they are superior to any suggestive influence.

They are merely normal side-effects of the bodily disease, accentuated perhaps by a suggestible temperament.

On the one hand we have the movement itself as a popular suggestion for the suggestible masses.