Suggesting [adjective]

Definition of Suggesting:


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Sentence/Example of Suggesting:

Who would for a moment think of suggesting his name as a helper?

"I'm not suggesting that he should be sent out into the world," he said.

The idea of Elvira's suggesting that you came over there to steal.

Are you suggesting that Polichinelle should play Scaramouche?

He never dreamed of suggesting that I should walk in the same path.

I am suggesting, 311 Haljan, that you keep your eye especially upon him.

He is angry with me for suggesting the very thing his whole being desires.

He had explained all this to her at various times when suggesting Dantzic, and she had agreed with him.

"I should amend the motion by suggesting that we all go to bed," laughed he.

I hesitated, suggesting that it would be better if I read it to him in private.