Suggestively [adverb]

Definition of Suggestively:


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Sentence/Example of Suggestively:

Phil jingled them suggestively, and kept on into the restaurant.

"While we speculate the dinner cools," said Miss Maddledock suggestively.

"If you mention me in dispatches," Bones went on suggestively.

"I suppose my trunk is somewhere else," she said suggestively.

"Unless we're going out to the stable," she said suggestively.

“And also how to prevent others from avoiding it,” he replied, suggestively.

“I am sorry, but it is not necessary,” she replied, suggestively.

It is the half-formed, the perplexed, and the suggestively monstrous.

"No—physical hindrance that I know of," said he suggestively.

Malloy closed one eye and looked at Randy suggestively with the other.