Suicidal [adjective]

Definition of Suicidal:

liable to kill oneself

Synonyms of Suicidal:

Opposite/Antonyms of Suicidal:

Sentence/Example of Suicidal:

This was the feeling which forbad him to retreat from his suicidal purpose.

Do not rail against the designs of Providence; it would be suicidal.

It would be suicidal for the two men now to attempt to do anything to free them.

Exposure, wet feet, were as suicidal in her condition as poison, he had told her.

I found Tony, the suicidal Greek, steering this morning when I came on deck.

It is suicidal to defy Mr. Sharpe, and through him Mr. Stone!

It is too clear the Nation itself is on the way to suicidal death.

He was in the habit of consuming two ounces of tobacco a day, which in my opinion was suicidal.

Our job is to contact the Disans and stop this suicidal war.

They had probably rebelled only when they had discovered how suicidal the attack would be.