Suicide [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Suicide:

One can only motive and explain this suicide by self-immolating love.

What is to be said about the folly and cowardice of the suicide's act?

This is so not merely in the sense of insanity but of suicide.

In which case I fancy we may look for an attempt at suicide.

Didn't Dr Donne, as good a man as any, I presume, argue on the part of the suicide?'

A man don't make the preparations he did, when he's got suicide on his mind.

It is rarely necessary, however, to go to such an extremity as suicide.

The story that suicide is wrong and immoral is, like other things, to be taken with reservation.

Call it a reconnaissance, call it suicide—one name's just as good as the other.

And some instinct urged him to be silent about his attempt at suicide.