Suing [verb]

Definition of Suing:

bring legal charges against

Opposite/Antonyms of Suing:

Sentence/Example of Suing:

You might sue us for libel, if you thought we had treated you badly.

Sue had stolen some matches and was using them as Jackstraws.

Soon she and Sue were intimate chums, they went to school together.

At night he would rub his unshaven cheek on Sue's small cheek and tickle her.

But Sue's friend sold my story—for twenty-two dollars and fifty cents!

Without exactly meaning to, I drew away from my father to Sue.

Then Sue gave it to one of her writer friends who said he knew just the place for it.

Sue let me talk to her by the hour about my work and my ideas, while she sat and thought about her own.

I thought of the years I had spent with Sam—and Sue, too, seemed to me to be having a spree.

"He's going to try to know you, Billy, and help you," said Sue.