Suitably [adverb]

Definition of Suitably:


Synonyms of Suitably:

Opposite/Antonyms of Suitably:


Sentence/Example of Suitably:

He was suitably married, and had healthy and pretty children.

There was also a proviso that the infants should be taught 'suitably to their age.'

But to relieve your mind, I've not yet decided how I can entertain you most suitably.

She cleared her throat so as to pitch a suitably sepulchral note.

Then an offer was made to clothe me suitably and pay me something besides.

We generally like those whom we have benefited, if our services are suitably acknowledged.

I think you will find it complete and suitably expressive, now, sir.

The we was a masterpiece of loyalty, and French was suitably impressed by it.

Whereupon the resolution was suitably worded, and passed unanimously.

He was suitably indulgent: he only said I hadn't got the right letter.