Suited [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Suited:

The only member of that household I could marry is not suited to my age.

Young Ried did not answer promptly; he had no answer ready that suited him.

It suited his whim, and it did more than that: it gave him a chance to speak to her in his teasing way.

He suited the action to the word, and kissed her before she knew what was about to happen.

He had discovered Faust and used him when it suited his purpose.

There was no task that suited our Captain Richards better than that.

These two soups (the brown and the white) are suited to dinner parties.

I can only say, that the substitutes you propose are not suited to my condition.

She moved away from them, yet at a quiet pace that suited her.

If ever she was suited to a dot, it was jest then 'n' there.