Suitors [noun]

Definition of Suitors:

person who desires another

Synonyms of Suitors:

Opposite/Antonyms of Suitors:


Sentence/Example of Suitors:

Had not her uncle brought him declaredly as a suitor to her?

And the suitor, my dear, was the kind of man who could endure that kind of people.

Otherwise, should I not have married some other suitor, of whom there have been plenty?

The suitor was required to make presents to the bride's family.

They have made him responsible to a realm of shadows, and a suitor in a court of shades.

Will you permit a gentleman, sir, to offer himself as a suitor to your daughter?

There was no hurry, Ethel had told him so frankly, no other suitor being in the running.

The presence of this gross suitor of hers afforded her another source of satisfaction.

She was not only fair, but ready to consort with any suitor who might win her favour.

Down this path the fair Mary and her suitor directed their steps.