Suits [noun]

Definition of Suits:

matching top and bottom clothing

Synonyms of Suits:

Opposite/Antonyms of Suits:



Sentence/Example of Suits:

For this is the way with men, if they have reason which suits them they do not care whether it is reasonable or not.

She had, indeed, had several, but their suits were all unsuccessful.

And we are to go--you and I--as soon as it suits your convenience to be able to travel.

You should get your gowns to rhyme with your husband's suits.

Suits me well; rather chance it with you than with those I've just left.

I have brought men to dress you in a cadence; these kinds of suits are put on with ceremony.

Nevertheless, I bought him no end of suits and smart haberdashery.

Even through the fabric of their suits he could feel her trembling.

Already the heat was uncomfortable, even through their suits.

Since you will not be chief, there is only one post which suits you, and which suits me also.