Sulkiness [noun]

Definition of Sulkiness:


Synonyms of Sulkiness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sulkiness:


Sentence/Example of Sulkiness:

His silence and sulkiness lasted till Clarence took his leave.

His sulkiness was breaking down and he was showing some agitation.

Billie forgot her sulkiness in her joy at the elopements of Tia Luz.

She entered with an air of sulkiness that brought dread to Marjorie's heart.

What I want to show is that even passion, bad as it is, is not so bad as sulkiness.

His sulkiness, his ferocity, was gone now; he was gentleness itself.

At that moment all the sulkiness and self-will were crushed out of his little heart.

There will be no use in sulkiness, in laziness, in inattention.

Laura said nothing; ashamed of her own sulkiness, she yet was not prepared to acknowledge it.

Sulkiness is not one of his faults; no, no, nobody could say that.