Sulking [verb]

Definition of Sulking:


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Sentence/Example of Sulking:

If she would go on sulking in that dreadful overcharged silence—why then she must.

The man's beastly drunk—he's sulking—he could talk if he liked—who cares?

Arthur was convinced that, after sulking a little, you would forgive him.

He kept away from the house as much as he could, sulking like a punished boy.

Dulcie was sulking, however, at Leslie's high-handed manner.

Nothing was to be gained by sulking in his cabin, a prisoner.

"I'd rather have that than sulking, at any rate," said Dorothy Arkwright.

Dr. O'Grady determined to find out, if he could, what Mrs. Ford was sulking about.

I've been sulking in corners ever since I concluded you were not coming.

There he stayed, sulking, for more than an hour, and I could not start him.