Sullen [adjective]

Definition of Sullen:

brooding, upset

Opposite/Antonyms of Sullen:

Sentence/Example of Sullen:

After the first outburst a sullen anger took possession of the race-goers.

But the sullen boy only muttered that she was wise a little too late.

Are you mistress of the petulant, the peevish, and the sullen tone?

"Pray do not be foolish, Proserpina," said he, in rather a sullen tone.

Again there was the obvious double meaning in his sullen tone.

While the conquered were still, sullen, and dejected, the victors triumphed.

On them the dark machinations of witchcraft, and the sullen spirits of darkness have no power.

From my perch I could see the sullen heavy walls of a ridge.

Something like a smile lit up the face of the sullen woman when she said.

But now he is strong and sullen, and he is fighting for his life at the cost of mine.