Sullies [verb]

Definition of Sullies:

soil, stain

Synonyms of Sullies:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sullies:

Sentence/Example of Sullies:

Mr Clayton had taught me wisdom, which his own bad conduct could not sully or affect.

Signals were exchanged, and our ship, which was then well off the land, ran in and spoke the Sully.

Sully suspended the preparations for the coronation, and sought the Queen.

"Nothing at all, sire," says Sully, as calm as his master was excited.

By the following May events proved the accuracy of Sully's judgment.

To all Sully's arguments she opposed an argument that was unanswerable.

The king, having written the promise, placed it in the hands of Sully.

Sully examined the plan with the utmost care in all its details.

We proclaim the Nile sacred; it is forbidden to sully its waters.

Remember that the only homage that does not sully must be that which these gallants will not give thee.