Sulphurous [adjective]

Definition of Sulphurous:

damned; underworld

Synonyms of Sulphurous:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sulphurous:

Sentence/Example of Sulphurous:

The air was saturated with the acrid and unpleasant odor of sulphurous acid.

But he was furious and sulphurous, and that is why I have changed to homeopathy.

By the morning we had got quite accustomed to the sulphurous odours.

The sky was tinged with sulphurous hues, the red and the black intermixed.

Sulphurous acid destroys the colour of solution of hematine.

Sulphurous acid is best generated at the moment of using it.

Their sulphurous fumes can be detected at the distance of half a mile.

His lusts had not the saving grace of humour; his fear even was sulphurous.

Its sulphurous yellow colour is due to the lichen with which it is covered.

Iodic acid is used as a test for morphia and sulphurous acid.