Summaries [noun]

Definition of Summaries:

short statement of main points

Opposite/Antonyms of Summaries:

Sentence/Example of Summaries:

The high schools were contented with their summaries and glosses.

As is frequently the case with summaries, that of Boileau was not profound.

There is a mass of other evidence in these summaries which shows the truth of what I have written.

One can judge by these summaries how little Kuprin "pads" his stories.

Several of the summaries of decrees of the Council are dated July 11, 1631.

In the summaries that follow, it is this chronological order that is adopted.

But the Sermon is comprehensive where other summaries are fragmentary, it is pure where they are mixed.

The first thing that I did was to glance over the pages for the headings of chapters and the summaries of paragraphs.

She sat up with him until very late, glancing over the books, the summaries of the laws and the old parliamentary reports.

I here insert a table of summaries which show that the commercial revolution is now in operation.