Summarily [adverb]

Definition of Summarily:

without delay

Synonyms of Summarily:

Opposite/Antonyms of Summarily:


Sentence/Example of Summarily:

She disposed of that obstreperous individual most summarily.

He hurried expectant to Ferrires; there to be summarily disillusioned.

I could not deal so summarily with it; nor could I drive the words of it out of my head.

The Sandemanians were super-Calvinists, and their tenets may be summarily defined.

You would be taken, and justice would be done upon you summarily.

A spy caught in the lines of armies is summarily dealt with of necessity.

Proceedings were, however, summarily brought to a stop at this point.

No, Mr. Ashley, she cried, summarily; a womans word is as weighty as a mans.

But I don't know what Jenny will say of your disposing of her conquest so summarily.

There was no appeal from its judgments and its sentences were summarily executed.