Summarizes [verb]

Definition of Summarizes:

give a rundown

Synonyms of Summarizes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Summarizes:

Sentence/Example of Summarizes:

Paragraph 6 summarizes the argument and clinches it by a sharp antithesis.

The trail was good: that just about summarizes what I remember of the road.

Haeckel summarizes the inductive evidences of Darwinism as follows: 1.

These data appear in table 65, which summarizes all the published data.

He summarizes the authorities with regard to the extraction of teeth and the removal of dental fragments and roots.

There are few pages more bitter than those in which the naturalist Pliny summarizes the miseries of human life.

It is not merely a scientific or philosophical speculation, but it summarizes the outlook of ordinary humanity.

In these words the British Field Artillery drill-book of 1902 summarizes the act of “covering” the infantry advance.

Further on, in chapter ix of the same work, he summarizes a peculiar episode in the history of the gaol at the same period.

It summarizes and dismisses the essential evils of the Great Power system.