Summarizing [verb]

Definition of Summarizing:

give a rundown

Synonyms of Summarizing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Summarizing:

Sentence/Example of Summarizing:

The simplicity of my plan may be emphasized by summarizing it.

The judge did not overlook this in summarizing the evidence.

This chapter has as its mission the summarizing of the needs of magazines of every class.

In summarizing the action of a drama, the writer should always use the present tense.

I have often found this of considerable use as summarizing the latest work on the subject.

In summarizing Marshall's speech, it is necessary to collect his arguments on any given point, and present them consecutively.

There would be no great profit in summarizing here the items of technique treated in other chapters.

Summarizing the foregoing, and comparing the totals with Mendelian expectation, we get the result shown in table 25.

The significance of the data given in tables 39 to 43 is best brought out by summarizing them.

Yet students of literature, no less than students of politics, recognize the difficulty of summarizing in words a national "idea."