Summation [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Summation:

In which summation he showed himself indeed a “sumner,” as it was called of yore.

Continued proportion, the series and the summation of the series.

He also seems to agree with your summation of the Islamic problem.

A number of us were doing our best to apprehend the summation of all this flood of change.

He is the summation of selfishness because he puts his decisions and determinations above those of any or all others.

I shouldn't have cared a copper for the misrepresentation were it not a "summation of stimuli" affair.

I shall now give an account of my experiments in the period of latency and the summation of stimuli.

For a radical empiricism, knowledge would consist of descriptive generalizations based upon the summation of instances.

The summation is defined as the increase in entropy between the initial and the final states.

As a practice of building, changing, and destroying coalitions, politics today is a summation of human practice.